Monday, April 7, 2014

Introducing Avon's New Fragrance-Avon Femme

Introducing, Avon Femme!

It's your moment to shine. AVON FEMME captivates from day to night. An elegant fragrance with sparkling freshness and opulent florals. Rich jasmine petals and stunning magnolia touched with radiant amberwoods. Luxuriously long-lasting, for hour after hour of beautiful scent. 1.7 fl. oz.

If you like Floral Fruity Musk Fragrances like DKNY Be Delicious(R) or Estee Lauder Pleasures(R), then you should definitely try Avon Femme

Meet Perfumer Harry Fremont, who helped create Avon Femme

Avon Femme Year of launch: 2014

Harry Fremont

Perfumer:  Harry Fremont (Firmenich)

Harry’s love of horticulture and the beauty of flowers drew him to the world of perfumery. Composing his first perfume (a lilac) at the Institut Supérieur International du Parfum (ISIPCA), he realized he had found his calling.  
Harry began his career as a perfumer’s assistant at Haarman & Reimer (known today as Symrise) in Paris, where he was awarded the Prix International de la Société Technique des Parfumeurs de France in two consecutive years. In 1981, he joined Firmenich in Geneva, relocating 3 years later to become the first fine fragrance perfumer in Firmenich’s “start up office” in New York City. He had never before been to the United States, but decided upon arrival that it was home.
In 2000, Harry was nominated Master Perfumer at Firmenich.

1. Perfumer general quote on what inspires him/her to create? 
 “The cultivation of a fragrance, like cultivating a garden, relaxes me and brings me pleasure. I am
inspired by nature…Nature teaches us to find beauty in both the irregular and the perfect. It makes me
happy to be alive.“
2. Perfumer general quote about why he enjoys creating for Avon? 
 As a visionary and a creator, quality is at the heart of my creations. It is my way of doing, thinking and
working. Raw materials are a work of art in themselves, and fragrance above all is an art of raw
materials. I'm inspired by Avon to bring them quality, but my passion for this project, to bring women a
truly modern art form through fragrance. A fragrance right for Avon and right for the brand.

3. Inspiration for fragrance? 
 I was inspired by a glimmering diamond, I wanted Avon Femme to be a luxurious facetted bouquet of
sophistication just like the modern woman today. This fragrance is magnificently executed, passionately
rendered and brilliantly considered for every scenario of a woman’s life.

4. What makes this fragrance special/unique i.e. ingredient story, structure, etc? 
 I wanted the story of the fragrance to speak to the brand values… modernity, elegance and
sophistication. A thoughtful construction and impeccable structure all came together to craft elegant
pieces with opulent twists. What was interesting and exciting about this project, was that I used the
best ingredients available and worked with them in a different way. This really allowed me to showcase
all the nuances of natural grapefruit, a Guava, Red Apple, counterbalancing them with a complex
bouquet of Jasmine and Waterlily. The heart of the fragrance is focused on the femininity of Magnolia.

Fascinating isn't it? Inspiring to hear what inspired Perfumer Harry Fremont to design such a delightful fragrance. So, now that you've seen and heard the buzz, how about giving it a try for yourself?

Head over to my Avon website to get your very own bottle of Avon Femme. And, just for trying it now, you will also receive a free Avon Femme Body Lotion.

* Hint: This Would Make a Wonderful Mother's Day Gift!   Shop Now for a Delightful Experience of Avon Femme!

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