Sunday, September 4, 2011

Become an Avon Representative Online - Classified Ad

Become an Avon Representative Online - Classified Ad

Have you had a desire to start your own Avon business, but are pressed for time? Now you don't have to wait to schedule a face-to-face appointment with an Avon Appointment Maker.

You can now apply online to become a representative & get started immediately. Visit, view the FAQs & watch the official Avon opportunity video. When you are ready to get started, contact me for your reference code at 1-888-611-2298 or email me: I always have access to my phone & email. I will get right back to you. Have additional questions? Don't hesitate contact me. Much success to you as you start your Avon business.

Limited Time Offer-Become an Avon Representative for FREE!

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