Friday, September 4, 2015

Limited Time Offer-Become an Avon Representative for FREE!

Been looking for ways to earn extra cash?
                           Don't have time to take on a second job with long hours?

Been searching for the perfect opportunity with no luck?

                             If you've answered yes to any of these questions;
                                                 Look no more!

Avon has the perfect opportunity waiting for you. And now, for a limited time, you can become an Avon Representative, absoulutely free!  Check this out!


We’ll give you back your $15 start-up fee when you join Avon between September 2 and 15 and place your first order of $100 or more. See the Terms & Conditions below for full details.*
Terms & Conditions: To qualify just place your first order on or before 11:59 PM (Local Time) on October 6. This offer is valid only for individuals who have not had an account with Avon in more than 26 weeks. Reinstatement Representatives do not count as a new Representative. The reimbursement of the $15 start-up fee will appear as a credit on your Avon account within 2 weeks after your first order of $100 or more has been paid on-time and ships.

*New Representatives who reside in Hawaii, Guam or Saipan must place their order on or before 11:59 PM Pacific Time on October 6.

That's it!
It's just that simple. Just place your first order of $100, and you'll be on your way to success with Avon, free of charge!

Sign up with me and, I will show you '5 Ways to Hit $100 with Ease'.  I've been in Avon Leadership for over 7 years now. Sign up now, and give it a try. I'll train and mentor you toward Avon Success.

When you sign up, you'll receive an email confirmation with your new account number, where you'll be sent to the Avon web office for representatives. You'll be able to set up your free Avon website that you can promote to anyone in the United States. (It's a great way to share your new Avon business with friends and family. I bet they'll want to get started shopping right away. Avon certainly has loads of great products and deals waititng for them)
And, you'll get to start earning immediately.

Sounds good so far?

Well then, let's get you started. Visit my Opportunity page or visit
 Be sure to use reference code:  avonindependentsales

This will connect me to your account, and I will begin training and mentoring you, right away.
Remember, I've got '5 Ways to Hit $100 with Ease' to show you.

Can't wait! :)

Thanks for the opportunity to share Avon with you. I'm certainly looking forward to working with you. Happy September, and Happy Avoning!

Sarah's Beauty Blog Spot is brought to you by Sarah Kim, Avon Silver Ambassador/Independent Sales Representative and Owner of AVON Independent Sales. Visit AVON Independent Sales on the Web, for more information about AVON, the company, and it's representative company. Register for a free account to receive special promotions, news and deals. Contact me with any questions or concerns. Find out how you can earn extra cash by Becoming an Avon Representative.Be sure to bookmark Sarah's Beauty Blog Spot, and come back often, as page is updated frequently. As always, thank you for your interest in AVON.

Limited Time Offer-Become an Avon Representative for FREE!

Been looking for ways to earn extra cash?                            Don't have time to take on a second job with long hours? Been se...