Thursday, January 17, 2013

Avon In the News: Avon to close distribution center in Pasadena

Avon to close distribution center in Pasadena

Avon Products, Inc. has made a tough decision, to close its distribution center in Pasadena. Per Kevin Smith, Staff Writer of, the company's new, oncoming CEO, Sheri McCoy said in a statement, that "the changes are needed to "stabilize the company and begin the process of returning Avon to sustainable growth."

At least 170 Avon employees will need to look for work. Although the change was announced Wednesday of this week, the completion will not take place until 2014. Avon plans to help its laid-off workers transition & find work elsewhere.

What does this mean for Avon Independent Sales Representatives?
Upon closing of the Pasadena distribution center, orders will be processed out of Zanesville, OH. According to the report, this also affects any orders that were processed out of Atlanta, GA, as well. (Atlanta orders are expected to transition to Zanesville, this summer; while Pasadena plans are out-looked towards 2014.

Will there be any delay in processing Avon orders?
Avon is working on those plans respectively & simultaneously. Avon has stated that is always their priority to service their representatives. This question has been well-taken into consideration.

Avon Representatives, you may have already received an email, phone call, or bulletin when you log into your Avon accounts. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to address your Avon Unit Sales Leaders, and/or District Managers. You can also contact Avon Customer Care. 

For more information on the Avon Pasadena closing, Read more:Avon to close distribution center in Pasadena - Whittier Daily News

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  1. avon is not what it use to be. its not a pure company anymore. they rip ppl off and even their reps.

  2. Hello Yellow Jacket
    Thank you for sharing your comments. I'm sorry that you feel this way. If you would like, would you care to elaborate more? I would love to hear your concerns

  3. Hello Yellow Jacket
    Thank you for sharing your comments. I'm sorry that you feel this way. If you would like, would you care to elaborate more? I would love to hear your concerns

  4. It's true I am, a rep. I should not have to pay for shipping, return shipping on their guarantees and the brochures. With these expenses and selling in a rural location I barley break even. It's not fair especially when Avon earns billions each year.

  5. Hi Sandi, Thanks for your reply. Avon has evolved since the 126 years of being in business.I know that Avon has been touched by the changing economy, rising costs, and the recession. This has also led to Avon having to make operational changes to stay afloat. Not to mention, Avon has had to deal with a lot of fraudulent Avon Representatives who only sign up to buy products, but never pay for them.

    I have been an Avon Repeesentative for 7 years, and have helped my mother with her Avon business, as a little girl all the way up til high school. The one thing I have to add is, many Representatives believe that they are taking on a sales "job". This is untrue. You are actually an independent contractor, paid on commission. Therefore, in order to receive pay, you have to find cusomers and make sales.

    Another misconception is, all of your sales tools are "free". Sales tools are like "office supplies" at a job. Someone has to pay for them. The good news is, you can offset your expenses when you file your income taxes. (For more information, visit and search for information on "Independent Contractor")

    I always advise my downline to balance their sales tools purchases. They need their brochures, demos and samples, but, they need to budget. Their brochure is their store. Samples and demos are their displays. They need them to grow, but they don't need to buy so much that they can't make a profit. I tell them to start small and increase their sales tools purchases, only as their customer base increases.

    Avon also gives us a free Avon website, and many other free tools to help us. The key to success is; obtaining knowledge/wisdom, planning, self-control, patience and perserverance.

    Sandi, thanks again for your comments. I wish you and all my fellow Avon Representatives, all the best.


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