Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Absolutely Love Avon!

I have to say that people may accuse me of being biased with this post. But I just want you to know; yes, I am. I mean, why would I promote something that I abhor? The truth is AVON is the absolute number # direct selling company in the world, and they are still amazing me.

I love AVON because I can buy top-quality products for myself and my family, at super prices. In today's economy, it's important to save money. But many are resulting to skimping on quality, or are being forced to pay high prices for high-quality. To me, AVON is to direct-selling, as Wal-mart is to retail. And I get an even deeper discount, since I'm a representative; as much as 50% off. (I'm super-smiling on that)

And what's even greater than buying AVON's great products, is sharing them with others. AVON gives me the opportunity to share its high-quality products with others and make a living, and provide for my family. And what's even better, I can work on my own time. (I love that the most; earn as much as I want, when I want).

Remember earlier when I told you that I could save 50% on my own purchases? Well, I can earn the same amount when I share AVON with others; a generous 50% for sharing AVON!

I started my AVON business 5 years ago for just $10. And today, anyone, (over the age of 18) can do the same. Pay just $10 when you schedule an appointment with an AVON appointment maker, in person, or you can even get started online for just $20.

I absolutely love running my AVON business. As I said earlier, I love the flexibility and unlimited earnings the opportunity provides.
I also love:
  • Working with such gifted and talented people in the industry: the managers and other sales leaders and representatives
  • The free sales top -of-the-line, world-class sales and marketing training I receive online and during sales, training and leadership meetings
  •  My free website that Im given to promote AVON products; fully stocked with AVON products, free credit card processing, blog and chat services, email markeing tools, web office and so much more
  • Free business tools, incentives and bonuses.
  • Being a part of company who brings value to the lives of women and their families, all across the globe. AVON is the largest corporate contributor  to the fight against breast cancer and against domestic violence. (For more information on AVON's philanthropic ventures, visit the AVON Foundation at 
So,see. There's just so much to love about this company. But don't just take my word for it. Visit my website to find out more about AVON Products, Inc

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