Sunday, September 18, 2011

Repair 3 Years of Hair Damage in Just 3 Days

Avon's Advance Techniques New 3D Rescue target's hair's most damaged areas, strengthening hair's internal structure, instantly mending split ends and nourishing hair from within.

It's designed to instantly repair 3 types of damage:
  1. Chemical: as a result of color treatments, perms, etc
  2. Thermal: as a result of blow dryers, curling irons, etc
  3. Mechanical: as a result of combing and brushing
In the above photo, view how 3D Rescue takes your hair from damaged to dynamite.

  • Damaged hair: Daily stress can damage hair from the cuticle to the cortex, leaving hair dry, dull, and brittle
  • Hair Repair: 3D Rescue's 360 Repair Technology penetrates into the core targeting the innermost damaged areas
  • Restored Hair: The final phase: 3D Rescue forms a protective layer, smoothing the surface and mending split ends. Hair is instantly restored with incredible smoothness & shine.
Give your hair new life. Rescue it today with Avon's 3D Rescue. 3 Years of Hair Damage repaired in just 3 days!

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